Audioquest has an established reputation for making audiophile grade cables and wiring, but their innovative designers have also created top quality DAC converters to improve the quality of your audio no matter where you are.

The DragonFly series is a USB DAC/preamp/headphone amp all in one. Featuring a 2.1-volt output ratio that can drive almost any pair of headphones, the DragonFly utilizes bit-perfect digital volume control to deliver an impressive signal-to-noise ratio for both Android and Apple devices.

The Beetle can connect and optimize the sound of your TV, smartphone, tablet, computer - any device that you use. Some may see the Beetle as a compliment to their TV's primary audio output, while others may want to utilize it to provide additional clarity and depth to their game consoles and media players.


Don't let the quality of the factory audio in your device detract from your listening experience!