The NAD T 758 V3 was made to satisfy both the home cinema buff and the 2-channel enthusiast alike, offering great features and performance, as well as support for Dolby Atmos, BluOS, Dirac Live, and MQA music.

Continuing NAD's timeless design philosophy that 'simple is better' - the NAD T 758 V3i emphasizes audio quality over a plethora of features, but still includes modern accommodations for control with iOS and Android apps.

Incredible surround sound performance and lifelike 4K video allow for the best home cinema experience you can get.

NAD's MDC (Modular Design Construction) allows for easy upgrades to digital video and audio circuits to help maintain and protect your investment.

7 x 60W Minimum Continuous Power into 4 / 8 Ohms

MDC AM 230 Dolby Atmos/DTS-X (to be available on a future firmware upgrade) audio module

MDC VM 130 UHD (4K, 60Hz, 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2) video module

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