Sumiko Oyster Series Phono Cartridges

Sumiko Oyster cartridges are the result of over four decades of cartridge design. High performance can be achieved at reasonable prices - and The Oyster line is the embodiment of this philosophy. The Oyster Series offers superior construction and sound quality with an emphasis on real world performance. Whether you have purchased a moving magnet or moving coil cartridge, you can expect only the best quality and performance. 


Rainier continues the Pearl’s legacy for smooth, natural sound reproduction. After years of development, an all-new integrated body and generator system has been developed to reduce internal resonances. The ability to change to the Olympia or Moonstone stylus allows for upgrades without requiring replacement of the entire cartridge.


Olympia brings another level of acoustic refinement to the mix with an upgraded stylus and cantilever assembly, allowing for more dynamic punch and improved frequency response during playback. Due to its improved tracking capabilities, the Olympia is an excellent return on investment when upgrading from the Rainier cartridge, and can even be upgraded to the capable Moonstone stylus if desired.


Moonstone is an affordable high-performance moving magnet cartridge that utilizes the powerful mechanically-generated electromotive forces of the moving magnet to help give your playback extra punch and convincing realism. Exceptionally well-balanced and dimensionally dense, the breathtaking dynamics of the Moonstone outperform many comparably priced moving coil cartridges without requiring the huge investment in preampfification.


Amethyst features a nude Line-Contact stylus and an upgraded generator assembly providing ultra-low noise, hair-raising dynamics, and superior tracking. This unique setup benefits from the same physically-generated electromotive forces fundamental to MM designs which accurately recreate the original sound of any recording. The Amethyst is an easy choice when looking for the most performance possible along with the versatility to pair well with nearly any phono stage on the market. It is the most ambitious moving magnet cartridge to date created by Sumiko.

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