Bowers and Wilkins Headphones

The Bowers and Wilkins PX Wireless Headphones are designed to personalize and enhance your audio experience. Bowers & Wilkins has crafted some of the best-sounding noise-cancelling over-ear headphones on the market. Discover a pair of wireless headphones that are so meticulously designed, well-crafted and light that you’ll never want to take them off. With these headphones, everything is designed to be seamless, enhancing the way you traditionally listen to your music. The PX Wireless Over-Ear Headphones merge user-friendly controls with a stunning ergonomic design and unmatched acoustic performance. These feature-rich over-ear headphones will change how you think about music. They feature adaptive noise cancellation, advanced Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX-HD for high-resolution streaming, built-in sensors that pause audio playback when you remove the headphones, stunning acoustics from 40 mm full-range drivers and luxurious materials. Additionally, the earphones have a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 22 hours on a single charge

The Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature Headphones offer 50 years of engineering research and acoustic design in a beautiful package, and deserves to be compared to high-end headphones from any manufacturer. Offering modern design and attention to detail, you can be proud to wear and own this marvelous feat of engineering. The classic B&W sound - robust bass, clear midrange, and open top end - is brought together to create a welcoming frequency balance. The Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature is able to create a very believable soundscape that can transport you to a place of pure audio satisfaction - every time you put them on. These headphones are absolutely worthy of the 'Signature' name bestowed upon them.