Pro Ject Head Box DS2

The market for hi-f- headphones has been expanding rapidly in the last years. New models and new driver designs have created a lot of excitement in audiophile circles. Al though today's headphones are able to produce outstanding sound, unfortunately the amplifiers that are feeding them are mostly mediocre. For example, planar magnetic headphones demand more current and simply need more power to be driven to their full potential.

Pro-Ject's new Head Box DS2 B headphone amplifier will drive anything with ease, because it outputs a powerful 1100 mW into 33 ohms. Additionally, the Head Box DS2 B has three different current settings to match any headphone type and features four gain settings for high impedance headphones as well as sensitive in-ear monitors. You won't find a more versatile, better sounding head amp for anywhere near the price.



Four gain and three current settings to match any headphone and deliver premium sonics

Dual mono design

Single ended (1/4") and balanced (4 Pin XLR) headphone output

Both outputs usable simultaneously

Phase inverter built in at input stage to convert unbalanced signal to a balanced one for superior sound

Two TPA6120A2 chips in output stage

BLUE ALPS potentiometer

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