Richard Gray's Power Company

Surge protection and power purification products engineered to the highest standards have been designed and hand-manufactured by Richard Grey's Power Company in Illinois since 1988. Over 50,000 products have been sold in those 30 years to customers who care about their A/V performance and need a high quality product that not only performs - but lasts. 

Investing in quality surge protection is a must to ensure the safety of your investment in a high quality home audio and video system. Lightning strikes often come to mind as the main culprit, but anything in same structure with a high wattage draw - major appliances, air conditioners, hair dryers - can cause a power surge. These types of 'internal surges' can occur multiple times every day.

The most destructive surges can wreak havoc on your equipment within a single event. But the true danger is the cumulative effect of the smaller surges that slowly degrade and ruin your system.

In addition to protection, power purification is essential to optimizing the full performance of your high quality audio and video equipment. Don't let signal pollution diminish the experience. Anything drawing power in the same structure can degrade the quality of the electrical signal. Using products from Richard Grey's Power Company is like getting a new set of glasses when you didn't know that you needed them - one listen and you won't be going back.


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