Samsung Televisions

Samsung continues to lead the modern television market with a large selection of some of the best features available.

Samsung offers affordable options while still driving forward into the future of TV technology.

From quantum dot technology that makes colors pop, to smarter smart TVs with enhanced voice interaction and an exclusive Apple iTunes app, there is plenty in the new lineup to get excited about.

8K TVs are available now as well!

RU Series TVsSamsung’s RU Series delivers Samsung's great smart TV experience without the added expense of premium quantum dot technology. As an alternative option to purchasing  from the QLED lineup, the RU smart TVs offer a more basic ultra-HD experience at an affordable price. Samsung's RU 4K smart TVs replace the 2018 NU line, and come in three series: RU8000,  RU7300 and RU7100.

QLED Series TVs - The hallmark of Samsung's QLED TVs is the use of quantum-dot enhancement, which adds a layer of nano-scaled crystals on top of the LCD panel to boost color and brightness. While quantum-dot technology isn't unique to Samsung TVs, the manufacturer has made its QLED sets stand apart by adding additional filtering layers and additional technology for deeper black levels and wider viewing angles.The result has consistently put Samsung's enhanced LCD TVs alongside premium OLED models in terms of picture quality.

Lifestyle Series TVs - Design aficionados who enjoy a flair for the artistic may not get too excited about mainstream smart TV designs, but Samsung aims to grab their attention with The Frame and The Serif. These lifestyle units feature art-inspired designs that look nothing like your average TV. The Frame combines a slim QLED panel with Samsung's No Gap Wall Mount so you can hang the TV on the wall like a painting. Swappable magnetic bezel options let you choose the color and style of the TV's frame, and a low-power display mode displays selections from the Samsung Art Store when you're not watching a show. The set comes with 20 pieces of art preinstalled, with additional pieces available for purchase.

8K QLED Series TVs- The most impressive part of Samsung's 2019 product line has to be the Q900 series, which puts 8K on the map with the first consumer level 8K TVs on the market in 2018. The new models offer more size options, ranging from 65 to 98 inches, and start at $4,999, making it the most affordable 8K option on the market. 

All of the new Q900 sets feature Samsung's Quantum Processor 8K, which combines local upscaling with regularly improved algorithms and image enhancements, allowing any and all video content to be shown in 8K to look its best on the new TVs. The advanced upscaling is joined by the best backlighting Samsung has ever offered; new audio optimization even tailors the audio settings to the specific layout of the room, giving you the best experience no matter where the TV is installed.

Samsung offers a wide variety of televisions all available from Soundscape

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