Bowers and Wilkins

Founded in the coastal town of Worthing, South England in the 1960's, Bowers & Wilkins has become one of the leading brands in high-end stereo and audiophile equipment.


Beginning with the B&W P1 in 1966, the company quickly gained a reputation for quality products and began researching new development and design methods. Innovative new designs in cone material and cabinet form showed that they were leading the way in innovation. The launch of the B&W 801 was a culmination of the years of hard work by the company, and the speaker quickly became a new standard for reference speakers in recording studios all around the world.


50 years later, B&W is still on the leading edge of innovation and quality, as their new 800 series Diamond speakers and wireless PX headphones have received warm reviews and recognition from both consumers and industry professionals alike.

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