Repair Services Offered

Soundscape offers select on-site services to help facilitate our client’s needs but does not have a full-featured repair center. The majority of what is offered is outlined below. If you have a question not specifically addressed here, please call to discuss your unique situation.


Turntables and Cartridges

Soundscape offers comprehensive setup and maintenance of all turntable brands we sell including cartridge replacement/upgrades, tune-ups, and applicable factory spec performance upgrades. We also offer cartridge replacement/upgrades and some minor service on many other turntables as well with some exceptions, by appointment.

Cartridge installation rates are based on the cartridge being installed and more specifically the turntable it is being installed in. Some turntables have very basic installation requirements where others can have a myriad of necessary and critical adjustments to get the best out of your cartridge and investment.

Pricing ranges from $75 to $200, special cases TBD.

ADDITIONAL TURNTABLE SERVICES, billed at $125 an hour. Please call before bringing a turntable in to be sure we can help you. We cannot repair certain issues such as defective motors (except brands we sell) or speed control problems as these are typically circuit board related failures. Many parts are no longer available for many vintage turntables. Please call if you are having an issue that is not cartridge related.

Please note: We no longer repair most Vintage Dual and Philips brand turntables. Please call if you own one of these types to discuss your specific needs only if it seems to be in good operating order and you need a cartridge or stylus replacement. We do not work on turntables from consoles, or turntables that are part of all-in-one systems

Speaker Repair

Soundscape offers speaker repair services for brands we currently represent and most speakers we have sold in the past. Please note that some very old speakers cannot be economically repaired. We perform all warranty service in-house for speaker brands we currently support.

NOTE: For service on speakers we did not sell but are from brands we represent that are considered to be in warranty, our minimum labor charge is $100 plus any parts related shipping charges. If the manufacturer supplies a replacement part at no charge, there will be no parts charged. Proof of purchase is required at the time of service request for parts warranty consideration for any speaker purchased elsewhere.

Electronic Component repair

Soundscape will assist in handling both Warranty and Non-Warranty service for units purchased from us, which generally means shipping the defective unit to the manufacturer or their designated service agent.

IN-WARRANTY: The Manufacturer will cover parts and labor costs. The warranty is between the Manufacturer and the end user client. Soundscape will facilitate service at no charge to the client within one year of date of purchase from Soundscape.  After one year, shipping and handling charges to facilitate service will apply.

OUT-OF-WARRANY: The Manufacturer is not liable to cover any repair charges. For the repair of components we have sold:  an $85.00 minimum Soundscape handling charge, plus service agency repair charges, plus actual shipping charges both ways. Based on typical charges we have seen, an initial approval of up to $350.00 with a deposit of $150.00 is required upfront. The warranty after such service is between the service agency and the end user, typically 30-90 days. Soundscape does not guarantee any repairs performed by a third-party service agent; we are acting as a conveyance only. Any return repairs for out-of-warranty service will incur additional shipping charges as well as any additional charges possibly levied by the service agency. Please call us with your specific issues so we can determine the best course of action and give you a more thorough estimate. In some cases, it is a more economical solution to purchase a new component as opposed to repairing one.

For equipment not purchased from Soundscape:

With rare exception, we do not handle the service for units not purchased from Soundscape.

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